I have continued writing on this blog for two years.My intention has been to offer help and encouragement to anyone that  was in need, sharing my challenges may assist someone to get through their own.

My life has completely changed in these two years! The letting go has lightened my load, released  certain stresses and opened up a passion in my soul. Working with the emotional well being of horses is where I spend my time.

In order to make room for new things, I must release the old.

Thank you to all that have continued to read my posts. I wish you to see the growth in all your life experiences. My two teachers: Rheannon, on the left, a twenty year old mare and Starbuck and eighteen year old gelding with me. Love to all.                                 All life is one and everything that lives is holy. So be it………….


Being Kind

It is a challenging time. There are changes happening in everyone’s life. It is important to realize that as you inter act with others through the day. Be kind, and have patience. Be the change you would like to see.


Whether you are 5 years old or 95 the emotional, and physical benefits of simple yoga postures will change your life!

Yoga will increase flexibility in your bones and your mind!

Yoga postures will increase your stamina and decrease emotional depression.

Yoga will teach you more about your body, mind and spirit, which will be an asset to all areas of your life.

Yoga helped me recover from an injury over twenty years ago. As a Structural Yoga Therapist, I have seen many people not familiar with yoga use modified postures I have given them to reclaim their lives from chronic pain,strengthen their bodies and change their outlook on life.

Yoga can be incorporated into  any exercise or sport to increase your awareness and flexibility.

Simple postures done safely for your body are a must!

Yoga is not meant to be competitive, it is a personal experience for your body.

Find a beginner tape, or  talk with an instructor, find a class that is right for you!

Speaking Our Truth

An exercise we should we should live by, reminders never hurt!

Don’t let yourself get stressed out like this before you take time off!

If nothing else have a massage!

Tuning In

Have you been thinking about someone lately?

Take it as a sign you need to connect.

Call them!


Know everything is evolving as it should be.